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Designed to make it easier to handle tablets and medication, our products are perfect for individuals and institutions alike.

Medicintabletter i blisterförpackning

Organise your pills

Many people take medicines, young and old. And someone has to measure the doses – for yourself, for a family member or someone you look after professionally.

Schine’s products make the job easier and faster. You handle the pills hygienically, avoid repetitive strain injuries and can more easily make sure pills are taken at the right time.

öppnar sin pill box

Take your pills with you

Many people need to take pills with them – over a working day, a weekend or a longer period.

Schine’s boxes make it easy and secure to store your pills. The Schine Box S fits easily in a roomy pocket or a toiletry bag. The Schine Box L is a convenient larger box for all days of the week, which you can pack in a suitcase.

Miljöbild person tar upp sin schine pill box small ifrån backfickan

When you need help

Many have difficulty popping pills out of blister packs and measuring doses. This can be particularly difficult if your hands don’t work the way they should. Perhaps you don’t have the strength, your joints ache or your fingers tremble.

The Schine Pill Popper helps many people to achieve this on their own. It’s easy to put the pill in the right compartment, and the boxes are easy to manage. The patient often doesn’t have to ask for help, which boosts self-esteem and saves resources that can better be used elsewhere.

The roller shutter runs under the box, ensuring there are no unattached or protruding parts.

Built-in catch ensures the shutters remain closed.

Perfect to leave for the nursery staff with the child's medicine.

A good help to control the dog's medication.

No cans of vitamins on the weekend trip, load the Schine Pill Box and put it in the necessar.

A new way to easily store / dispense tablets for a week. Open and close smoothly with the transparent roller shutters.

The days are clearly marked, the four trays for each day numbered and the box is provided with symbols for the day's different times.

Eases the daily work of healthcare professionals as the box can be machine-discarded in the upper part of the dishwasher.

The ordination card is conveniently stored in a plastic pocket on the bottom of the box.

Ergonomic grip, fits small and big hands.

Soft, flexible pad smoothly pops tablet out.

Adjust the opening to the size of the tablet using the rotatable unit.

Detachable, transparent plastic tube helps ensure your tablet is dispensed as intended.