Schine Pill Box S

– just pull!

The Schine Pill Box S offers a new way of storing/dispensing pills. The roller shutter system makes the box easy to open and close, with no irritating protruding parts.

The Small model contains eight chambers which can be used as required. For example, you can load the box with one week’s dosage, use an extra chamber, or load the box ahead of a weekend away. It provides substantial storage in a handy size and is easy to transport.

Thanks to the transparent shutters and coloured base, you can easily tell if the chamber is full. The Schine Box S comes in two colours, red and blue. We own the Swedish patent.

Practical storage of tablets.

Transparent roller shutter system makes it easy to open and close.

No unattached parts.

Large chambers with rounded corners.

Easy to transport.

Dela produkten
Symbol Schine Pill Box S och L är CE märkta


Vikt 60 g

Längd 10,3 cm

Bredd 5,4 cm

Höjd 2,5 cm

Material Recyclable plastic

Övrigt Medical device, Class 1

  • Keep the Schine Pill Box out of reach of children.
  • Be aware if some medication/pill is to be stored in a certain way.
  • The supplier shall not be liable for incorrect use of Shine Pill Box, or where dosage of medicine is incorrect.
  • The Schine Pill Box can be washed by hand.
  • Ensure the box is completely dry before tablets are loaded.
"The box works great, I had no idea it was this good. Now I’ve started using it I have real peace of mind, because I know whether or not I’ve taken my pills."