Fortsätt till huvudinnehållet


Our products are popular both for professional and for home use, and over the years we have received great reviews from our users.

Göran Åström, who takes 11 tablets on a daily basis.

"With the Schine Pill Popper, I can fill my pill box 30% more quickly than before."

Hans Åkerblom, business leader with many travel days per year.

"I travel a lot for work and I've always my Schine Pill Box with me. Easy to pack and there is no risk that the tablets fall into the bag."

Maria Rapp, home health nurse, Svenljunga.

"I found the Schine Pill Popper online while searching for a device to pop tablets out of blister packages. I’ve experienced pain in my fingers and joints, because my work involves dispensing large volumes of medicine in blister packaging. Schine’s new devices make my work much easier."

Illustration Pill popper
Sten Larsson, pensioner who takes medicine on a daily basis.

"The Schine Pill Popper is just what the elderly have been looking for. It’s fantastic, and makes it much easier to load my pill box for the week. It’s a clever product which is really effective."

Birgitta Nilsson, pensioner who takes medicine on a daily basis.

"The box works great, I had no idea it was this good. Now I’ve started using it I have real peace of mind, because I know whether or not I’ve taken my pills."