Schine Pill Popper

– just push!

The Schine Pill Popper is a device which makes it easier to handle pills.

Many people find it difficult to pop tablets out of blister packages, and loading pill boxes with the correct dosage can be tricky. With the Pill Poller you simply pop the tablet out of the blister package and make sure it enters the intended chamber via the transparent, detachable tube.

A hygienic solution which also saves time. The Pill Popper meets the ergonomic standards relating to hand-held devices when it comes to the thickness of the handle, length and need of manual input.

Approved by the Swedish Rheumatism Association as a product which is easy to use.

Press to remove tablets from blister packs.

Ergonomic design.

Adjust the opening to the size of the tablet.

Hygienic handling.

Dishwasher safe and withstands alcohol-based cleaning.

Dela produkten
Reumatikerförbundet logotype Symbol Schine Pill Box L tål maskindisk


Vikt 90 g

Längd 20 cm

Bredd 2 cm

Höjd 12 cm

Material Recyclable plastic

Övrigt Dishwashable at a maximum of 84°C, and withstands alcohol-based cleaning.

Accessories : Plastic tube

  • Before using the product for the first time, clean it using warm water and detergent, or dishwash, at a maximum of 84°C.
  • Tablets which break up must be disposed of.
  • The Schine Pill Popper can be used for most types of packaging. Where problems arise, for example, if the foil is stubborn, or when handling extremely large or small tablets, we advise users to work manually.
  • The supplier shall not be liable for incorrect use of the Schine Pill Popper, or where dosage of medicine is incorrect.
"The Schine Pill Popper is just what the elderly have been looking for. It’s fantastic, and makes it much easier to load my pill box for the week. It’s a clever product which is really effective."