Schine Pill Box L

the new way of storing and dispensing pills.

Schine Pill Box L offers a new way of storing/dispensing pills. The roller shutter system makes the chambers easy to open and close, with no irritating protruding parts.

The large model contains 7×4 chambers to be used for one week’s dosage. The weekdays are clearly marked and the four chambers for each day numbered 1-4. They are also marked with symbols for the different times of the day.

The removable inner box makes it easy to empty stored pills. The box can be opened, closed and locked. It is dishwasher-safe (please notice – not the plastic pocket). The boxes can be stacked, a lock on the upper- and underside keep them in place.

Thanks to the transparent shutter and coloured base, you can easily tell if the chamber is full. The Schine Box L comes in two colours, red and blue. We own the Swedish patent.

Open and close by pulling the roller shutters back and forth.

Easy to use prescription cards.

Removable inner box.


Dishwasher safe.

Dela produkten
Symbol Schine Pill Box S och L är CE märkta Symbol Schine Pill Box L tål maskindisk


Vikt 190 g

Längd 11,8 cm

Bredd 19,8 cm

Höjd 3,2 cm

Material Recyclable plastic

Övrigt Dishwasher-safe in the upper part of the dishwasher (please notice – not the plastic pocket.)
Medical device, Class 1

Accessories: Prescription cards, Plastic pocket

  • Keep the Schine Pill Box L out of reach of children.
  • Be careful when loading the box so the right pill is put into the correct chamber.
  • Be aware if some medication/pill is to be stored in a certain way.
  • The supplier shall not be liable for incorrect use of Schine Pill Box L, or where dosage of medicine is incorrect.
  • Schine Pill Box L is dishwasher-safe in the upper part of the dishwasher (please notice – not the plastic pocket.).
  • We recommend that you wash the box when changing medicine.
  • Please make sure that all parts are dry before loading the box.
"I travel a lot for work and I've always my Schine Pill Box with me. Easy to pack and there is no risk that the tablets fall into the bag."